Discussion Paper Series 2011-E-20

Analytical Solution for the Loss Distribution of a Collateralized Loan under a Quadratic Gaussian Default Intensity Process

Satoshi Yamashita, Toshinao Yoshiba

In this study, we derive an analytical solution for expected loss and the higher moment of the discounted loss distribution for a collateralized loan. To ensure nonnegative values for intensity and interest rate, we assume a quadratic Gaussian process for default intensity and discount interest rate. Correlations among default intensity, discount interest rate, and collateral value are represented by correlations among Brownian motions driving the movement of the Gaussian state variables. Given these assumptions, the expected loss or the m-th moment of the loss distribution is obtained by a time integral of an exponential quadratic form of the state variables. The coefficients of the form are derived by solving ordinary differential equations. In particular, with no correlation between default intensity and discount interest rate, the coefficients have explicit closed form solutions. We show numerical examples to analyze the effects of the correlation between default intensity and collateral value on expected loss and the standard deviation of the loss distribution.

Keywords: default intensity; stochastic recovery; quadratic Gaussian; expected loss; measure change

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