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Historical Statistics

This section provides statistical data before 1945 that were compiled mainly by the Bank of Japan.

For inquiries about the statistics below, please contact the following section of the Bank of Japan: Monetary History Studies Group, Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies (Tel: +81-3-3277-1152, Email: Email).

Explanatory Notes

How to Download Data Files

Statistical Data

Bank of Japan

Bank Notes Issued  CSV,  (16KB)  (Notes)

Bank of Japan Accounts

Deposits  CSV, (10KB)Notes)

Loans and Discounts  CSV, (10KB)Notes)

Advances to Government  CSV, (12KB)Notes

Checks and Bills Balance  CSV, (6KB)Notes

Loans and Discounts by Head Office and Branches

Outstanding Amounts of Specie  CSV,(13KB)  (Notes)

Official Discount Rates

Financial Markets

Loan Interest Rates by Prefecture

Outstanding Amounts of Government Securities and Corporate Bonds  CSV, (41KB) (Notes)

Index of Average Values of Securities  CSV, (18KB) (Notes)

Foreign Exchange Rates


Tokyo Wholesale Price Index on January 1887 Base  CSV, (28KB)  (Notes)

Tokyo Wholesale Price Index on October 1900 Base  CSV, (89KB)  (Notes)

Tokyo Wholesale Price Index on 1933 Base  CSV, (134KB)  (Notes)

Tokyo Retail Price Index on 1914 Base  CSV, (77KB)  (Notes)

Index of Service Charges(Tokyo) on 1934-1936 Base  CSV, (23KB)  (Notes)

Employment and Wages

Indexes of Employment and Wages in Private Factories (Japan proper)


September 25, 2012 Expansion of items covered under Historical Statistics

March 26, 2007 Release of Historical Statistics on the Web Site