Discussion Paper Series 2015-E-6

Forward Guidance and Asset Prices

Yıldız Akkaya, Refet S. Gürkaynak, Burçin Kısacıkoğlu, Jonathan H. Wright

This paper examines the effects of forward guidance at the zero lower bound on the term structure of interest rates in a shadow-rate macro-finance term structure model. The effects on the yield curve are found to depend on the type of forward guidance and on the current level of the shadow rate. The more negative the shadow rate, and so the further away liftoff is, the less effective is forward guidance. Forward guidance affects both the expected path of future short rates, but also term premia. Our model allows us to estimate these effects separately. We also conduct an event-study in which we break out FOMC announcements into surprises concerning the future path of the funds rate, and uncertainty around that path, and then estimate the impacts of each on equity and currency markets.

Keywords: Forward guidance; zero lower bound; term structure; event study

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