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Website Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Policy

The Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies (IMES) at the Bank of Japan collects and uses information on a user of the Institute's website, (the "Site") to the extent IMES deems it necessary for providing services on the Site.

2. Information Collected by IMES on the Site and from a user's e-mail message

(1) A user's Internet domain name, IP (Internet Protocol) address, and other related information are collected by IMES on the Internet.

(2) The Site does not use "cookies" (information transmitted from IMES's server to a user's browser and stored in the user's computer so that the server is able to identify the user).

(3) A user's e-mail address is collected by IMES when the user sends an e-mail message to IMES.

3. Use of Information

(1) IMES uses the information described in Item 2.(1) for operation of the Site.

(2) IMES uses the user's name, address, telephone number and/or e-mail address to respond to the inquiries from the user described in Item 2.(2).

(3) IMES may forward the e-mail message described in Item 2.(2) to other sections of the Bank of Japan when necessary.

(4) IMES may disclose aggregated data for the number of access and other statistically processed information. IMES may also disclose a comment from a user and the user's attributes.

4. Restrictions on the Use of Information

IMES use the information collected on the Internet only in case below.

(1) in case described in Item 3,

(2) in case required by applicable law and/or other justification,

(3) in case that IMES is subject to unauthorized access, threats or other illegal action.

5. Security Measures for the Site

(1) IMES will take necessary measures to prevent the leakage or loss of the information collected through the Site.

(2) IMES will bind its contractors to take necessary measures for achieving Item 5.(1) in case of outsourcing the operation of the Site.

6. Disclosure of Personal Information

A user of the Site may request IMES to disclose to such user the user's own personal information collected on the Site described in Item 2, in accordance with "The Act for the Protection of Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative and Other Agencies." (Law No.59, 2005)

7. Application of Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy described herein is applicable only to the website of IMES located at: https://www.imes.boj.or.jp/ and is not applicable to any other website or other sites linked to the website above.

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