Proceedings of the International Conferences
(before 1998)

The international conference proceedings include keynote speeches by Honorary Advisers, papers, and commentaries; available at Monetary and Economic Studies since 2000.

Title Contents Published by
Monetary Policy in a World of Knowledge-Based Growth, Quality Change and Uncertain Measurement This book seeks optimal monetary policy in the world economy currently changing fundamentally by confronting a trend toward an increasingly conceptual and intangible form of output. Palgrave, 2001
Towards More Effective Monetary Policy This volume explores the operational and institutional framework for effective implementation of monetary policy against the background of recent developments in economics and central banking practice. Macmillan Press, 1997
Financial Stability in a Changing Environment This book reviews recent changes in the financial system and examines how to maintain financial stability, considering an optimal design of prudential policy and the role of central banks. Macmillan Press, 1995
Price Stabilization in the 1990s: Domestic and International Policy Requirements This book investigates various aspects of inflation: its recent history and sources; its measurement ; the indicators of future inflation; and the policy implications to achieve and maintain price stability. Macmillan Press, 1993
The Evolution of the International Monetary System: How Can Efficiency and Stability Be Attained ? This book examines the future course of the international monetary system, considering the background of financial globalization, as well as recent trade imbalances among major countries and declining confidence in the U.S. dollar. University of Tokyo Press, 1990
Toward a World of Economic Stability: Optimal Monetary Framework and Policy This book seeks to identify the causes of economic instability after 1973, including the large international payment imbalances among major industrialized countries in the 1980s, and discusses the development of an optimal monetary regime. University of Tokyo Press, 1988
Financial Innovation and Monetary Policy: Asia and the West This book investigates the background of recent financial innovation and the role it plays in financial system and monetary policy. University of Tokyo Press, 1986
Monetary Policy in Our Times This book tackles a wide range of aspects of the theory and practice of monetary policy, such as its evaluation, role, and related issues. The MIT Press, 1985

The Joint Central Bank Research Conferences

Date Title
Mar. 2002 The Third Joint Central Bank Research Conference on Risk Measurement and Systemic Risk (March 2002)
(It can be obtained from BIS Web Site.)
Nov. 1998 The Second Joint Central Bank Research Conference on Risk Measurement and Systemic Risk Toward a Better Understanding of Market Dynamics during Periods of Stress

Other Conferences

Date Title
Sep. 2010 Monetary Policy Lessons from the Global Crisis
International Journal of Central Banking
Hosted by the Bank of Japan 16 and 17 September 2010

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