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Exchange Rate Regimes in the 21st Century

July 1-2, 2002
Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies
Bank of Japan
- Program -

Introduction: (PDFfile 55KB)

Monday, July 1

9:00 Opening Speech: Masaru Hayami
Governor, Bank of Japan
(PDFfile 31KB)
<Japanese version (PDFfile 11KB)>
9:20-10:10 Keynote Speeches: Allan H. Meltzer
Carnegie Mellon University
(PDFfile 70KB)
Maurice Obstfeld
University of California, Berkeley
(PDFfile 148KB)
10:10-10:25 Coffee Break
10:25-11:55 Do Currency Regimes Matter in the 21st Century? An Overview (PDFfile 224KB)
Chairperson: Miyako Suda
Bank of Japan
Paper Presenters: Hiroshi Fujiki
Bank of Japan
Akira Otani
Bank of Japan
Discussants: Stefan Gerlach
Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Reuven Glick
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
11:55-13:30 Luncheon at BOJ
13:30-15:00 Exchange Rate Regimes in the Americas:
Is Dollarization the Solution?
(PDFfile 164KB)
Chairperson: Thomas M. Hoenig
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Paper Presenter: Vittorio Corbo
Pontificia Universidad Catolica
de Chile
Discussants: Linda S. Goldberg
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Angel Palerm
Bank of Mexico
15:00-15:15 Coffee Break
15:15-16:45 Monetary and Fiscal Policy in the European Monetary Union (PDFfile 219KB)
Chairperson: Jorge Braga de Macedo
Paper Presenter: Juergen von Hagen
University of Bonn
Discussants: Nigel H. Jenkinson
Bank of England
Stefan Schoenberg
Deutche Bundesbank
16:45 Adjournment

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Tuesday, July 2

9:00-10:30 Exchange Rate Arrangements in East Asia:
Lessons from the Currency Crisis
(PDFfile 261KB)
Chairperson: Malcolm D. Knight
Bank of Canada
Paper Presenter: Masahiro Kawai
Ministry of Finance, Japan
Discussants: Chow Hwee Kwan
The Monetary Authority of Singapore
Eiji Hirano
Bank of Japan
10:30-10:45 Coffee Break
10:45-12:15 Independent Currency Unions, Growth and Inflation (PDFfile 136KB)
Chairperson: Jerry L. Jordan
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Paper Presenter: Igal Magendzo
Central Bank of Chile
Discussants: Gabriele Galati
Bank for International Settlements
Robert Rankin
Reserve Bank of Australia
12:15-13:30 Luncheon at BOJ
13:30-15:00 Concluding Panel: The Relationship between Exchange Rate Stability and Domestic Price Stability(PDFfile 168KB)
Introductory Remark Kunio Okina
Bank of Japan
Panelists Speeches: Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.
Boardof Governors of the Federal
Reserve System
Pierre van der Haegen
European Central Bank
Yutaka Yamaguchi
Bank of Japan
Allan H. Meltzer
Maurice Obstfeld
15:00-15:15 Coffee Break
15:15-15:45 Rejoinders by Panelists
15:45-16:45 General Discussion by all the Participants
16:45-17:00 Final Remark Kazuo Ueda
Bank of Japan
(PDFfile 34KB)
17:00 Adjournment

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