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(1) References for research
  1. Manuals and Rules of the Bank of Japan's Operations (in Japanese, Nihon Ginko Enkaku-shi)
  2. Materials on Japanese Monetary History (in Japanese, Nihon Kin'yu-shi Shiryo)
  3. The Bank of Japan: The Eighty Years (in Japanese, Nihon Ginko Hachijunen-shi) and The Bank of Japan: The First Hundred Years (in Japanese, Nihon Ginko Hyakunen-shi)
(2) Research Using the Materials in the Archives (As of 2010)
Archival documents at the Bank of Japan Archives have frequently served as a catalyst for the development of research into the monetary and financial history of Japan. The following are some of the major research categories and examples of research conducted using the materials in the Archives.

1)  Financial stability

2)  Historical monetary and foreign exchange policies

3)  Development of the financial markets

4)  Other research on economic policy issues and topics reflecting the contemporary economic situation
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