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For the primary purpose of detecting trends in levels of service charges in Tokyo, the Bank of Japan created the Index of Service Charges (Tokyo) for the years 1926 and beyond, based on 1933 prices. One characteristic of this index is that it covers service transactions not primarily involving the exchange of goods. It indexes 17 charges (electric lighting charges, gas charges, water charges, postal charges, telephone charges, telegraph charges, rail fares, rail freight fares, tramcar fares, bus fares, newspaper charges, radio and television charges, movie admissions, public-bath admissions, hairdressing charges, cleaning charges, and lodging charges) by dividing average monthly charges obtained from survey subjects in Tokyo by the base price for each. No aggregate average index is calculated.

The data source is Index of Service Charges on 1934-1936 Base, from the Bank of Japan Archives. This section provides the index revised to 1934-1936 base.