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This database provides telegraphic transfer foreign exchange selling rates (high, low and average), by location of payment, quoted by the Yokohama Specie Bank (those between January 1932 and August 1933 are market rates provided by the Bank of Japan). The exchange rates shown are those payable, respectively, in New York, London, Paris, Shanghai (to September 1938) and Bombay.
The data source is the Reference Book of Financial Matters of the Financial Bureau of the Ministry of Finance. In accordance with the source materials, foreign exchange rates are displayed per 1 yen (or per 100 yen) and stated in the respective foreign currency.
Errors deemed misprints in the source materials have been corrected. In instances where data are represented as zeros, the spaces have been left blank, consistent with those cases when no data exist.
With regard to foreign exchange rates payable in London, shillings and pence are stated in separate columns since the pound sterling at the time was not decimalized (the pound was divided into 20 shillings each of which consisted of 12 pence).