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This database provides Indexes of Employment and Wages in Private Factories (in Japan proper, excluding its colonies) from January 1926 to August 1939: General Indexes, Indexes by Gender, Indexes by District, and Indexes in Chief Industries. The indexes are calculated with monthly average value during 1926 as the base and with a base value of 100.
Employment denotes the total number of employees in the factories surveyed at the end of the month. As for Wages, two indexes are shown: Wage Rates and Earnings. The former index signifies basic wages for a given period of time in the factories surveyed, while the latter is pay per day derived from the total pay of wages and allowances (year-end and seasonal bonuses excluded) actually provided by the factory employers divided by the number of employed actually working in the factories. Earnings, therefore, vary depending on the length of working hours.
The source of this data is the “Bank of Japan Labor Statistics” published by the Research Department of the Bank of Japan in 1940. Some figures with suspected typographical errors, however, have been replaced with those in “Economic Statistics of Japan” (Research Department of the Bank of Japan).