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Q1. How much is the admission fee?

A1. Free admission.

Q2. How does a group plan its visit?

A2. Groups of more than 20 people are kindly requested to make reservations in advance. A maximum of 100 people is allowable.
For more information on visiting the museum as a group, please refer to Visiting.

Q3. How does one plan a visit to the museum and In-House tours of the Bank of Japan?

A3. We provide two types tours of the Bank’s Head Office; ‘In-House Tours with Reservations on Tuesdays' requires the reservations in advance and ‘Short Tours on the Day’ is available without reservations. For more information about the tours of the Bank's Head Office, please visit the Bank of Japan website (Tours of the Bank's Head Office).

Q4. How long does a visit to the museum take?

A4. It takes 30 to 60 minitues.

Q5. Is parking available at the museum?

A5. Parking lot is not available due to repair work on the Main Building.

Q6. Are there any guides to the museum?

A6. Guided tours (available only in Japanese) are conducted on Tuesday through Friday from 13:30.

Q7. Does the Currency Museum offer an appraising service of antique currencies?

A7. No. The Currency Museum does not have any information of their trading values, and can not offer such service.

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